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How To's & Advice: Guest Room Guide.

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Guest Room Guide

Getting ready for guests is part of holiday prep and everyday hospitality.
We have the tips and touches you'll need to be the host with the most.

Between everyday life and the rush to prepare for every holiday gathering, it can be tough to make time to create a guest bedroom that's ready for visitors. We're happy to lighten your load just a bit with a curated list of top tips to help you get that long-forgotten spare room ready for company. If you want your guest space to be warm, welcoming and showcase your impeccable taste, here are some easily executable ideas to help you get there:

Layer luxed-up linens.

Whether you adorn the foot of the bed with an additional cozy comforter or stack extra blankets in a storage bin in the corner, ensure your guests never want for warmth by providing plenty of layering options. Plus, there's something about a well-edited textile pile that feels cozy and inviting. Plump towels and face cloths are also essential. Refresh these linens on a regular basis to ensure your guests have all the creature comforts of home.

Provide storage.

Setting up a guest room with plenty of places to hang your hat is important for helping your out-of-towners feel settled, even if it's just for a few days. No one wants to spend their getaway living out of a suitcase. Add a storage rack or valet to your guest room to make sure your visitors can hang their clothing, collect important items and feel at home while enjoying this special time with you.

Make a dressing area.

Nightstands, chairs and windowsills alone just aren't going to cut it. Guests not only need space to accommodate their things, they need functional space that is both convenient and comfortable to use. Dressing areas are an effective solution, made up of a chair, a counter or desk, and a vanity mirror where things like makeup and hair gel can be properly applied. You can get creative by mixing and matching styles based on the look of the room, but remember to keep walkways as open as possible.

Make it feel like a spa retreat.

While the most spa-like this visit gets is a hot shower, a few small spa items go a long way to make guests feel pampered. A small basket filled with a loofah sponges, nail files, cotton balls and extra hand lotions all make an unexpected yet lasting impression. These are but a few examples of little oh-yeah luxuries that people universally appreciate but don't often remember to bring.

Get the light right.

For most people, the bed is more than a place where you lie down in darkness and sleep. It is also a private area where people can read, talk and reflect on the day's events. A properly-lit bedroom needs layers, including both an overhead flushmount light for general light, as well as bedside table lamps that provide in-bed task lighting (including swing arm wall sconces and table lamps) so that your guests can enjoy their personal time and easily switch off a light when it's time for some shut-eye.

Keep it simple.

The common maxim "Keep It Super Simple," or KISS, certainly applies to designing the perfect guest bedroom. In a space meant to make your company feel at home, less is more. Don't clutter up a space with personal knicknacks and poorly placed bedroom furniture. Instead, aim to provide only necessary furnishings that have their own self-contained stylistic flair. A neutral space is everyone's place, so let your guest fill in the spaces with their belongings. They'll thank you for the extra breathing room.

Add an alarm clock.

During the holidays and visits with close friends and family, many people make an effort to put their cell phones away and focus on group activities and face-to-face conversations. Therefore, adding an alarm clock to a guest room is a great idea that helps people keep track of time without the inevitable distraction that modern technology creates.

Don't forget to keep your guest bathroom and shared spaces sparkling clean and tidy, and most of all, enjoy the time spent with your loved ones and honored guests. Happy hosting!