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Modern Clocks

97 Results
  • QLOCKTWO Wall Clock
    $1,55000 - $1,92000
  • Barcelona Wall Clock
  • Nelson Ball Clock
    $46000 - $61000
  • Nelson Sunburst Clock
    $58500 - $62000
  • Nelson Sunflower Clock
    $1,73000 - $1,88000
  • Tic&Tac Wall Clock
    $14000 - $18500
  • Touch Table Alarm Clock Front Cover Replacement
    $7500 - $57000
  • Creator’s Edition Classic Replacement Front Cover
    $1,00000 - $2,71000
  • OJ Wall Clock
    2 Size Options
    $11000 - $12000
  • Pico Wall Clock
  • Punta Wall Clock
  • Micro Barcelona Wall Clock
  • Creator's Edition Raw Iron Wall Clock
    2 Size Options
    $2,39000 - $8,30000
  • Mini Barcelona Wall Clock
  • Cris Wall Clock
    $57000 - $64000
  • Punto Y Coma Wall Clock
    $76000 - $82000
  • Atomo Table Clock
  • Pendulo Wall Clock
    $98000 - $1,04000
  • New Anda Wall Clock
    $80000 - $90500
  • ERA Wall Clock
    2 Size Options
    $5939 - $8099
  • Nelson Night Clock
  • Ciclo Wall Clock
    $64500 - $74500
  • Delmori Wall Clock
    $1,89000 - $2,10000
  • Rodon Wall Clock
    $45000 - $81000

Why We Love Modern Clocks

Clocks are a classic piece of design history that play a fundamental role in dressing up bare walls. In addition to lighting and other decorative implements in a room, a clock adds a noticeable element and serves a functional purpose in helping you keep track of time. A decorative wall clock is sometimes an afterthought to an interior design scheme, but with this vast selection from names like George Nelson and Kartell, you may find yourself planning a room's design around your clock.

Where Modern Clocks Work Best

Clocks have the ability to establish themselves in nearly any space. Whether that is an eye-catching clock in the entryway that serves to impress your guests or a decorative clock in the kitchen to help keep your latest recipe on track, you'll find a clock adds welcomed style and function nearly anywhere. Many of these clocks can also work their way into contemporary offices, adding decoration to tabletops and office desks or dressing up the wall. When combined with modern furniture and lighting in the office, a desktop clock helps bring the space's look full-circle. Finally, look to an alarm clock for the bedroom to keep you on time and in style all of the time. The options here include clock radios, classic alarm clocks and stunning designs you won't mind waking up to.

A Decorative Clock for Every Style

With a vast variety of clocks to choose from, it's important to find one that fits your aesthetic. Consider adding an iconic mid-century modern George Nelson clock from Vitra. George Nelson revamped the significance of the clock in the 1950s and offers many recognized designs like the Starburst, the Spindle and of course, the Ball Clock. In functional spaces, look to the clean and contemporary clocks from LEFF Amsterdam. LEFF's designs are elegant and easy on the eyes. Lastly, there's no better way to claim your love for design than with a clock from Kartell. If you have any questions about the clocks featured in this assortment, please call our decor experts at 888.445.4486.

Choosing the Best Clocks

While a clock or any decorative accessory for that matter is easy to introduce into a room's decorative aesthetic, you'll want to choose the type of clock that is best for the job and can blend in well to complement other fixtures of decor already present in the room. First, decide which kind of clock will benefit your space - can you dress up your bare walls with a clock or is there tabletop in need of an alarm clock? Once you know the function you need, you can then move on to the fashion...that is, finding a design that represents your style. Mid-century modern clocks from George Nelson are a go-to choice for rooms inspired by retro fashions, while clean-lined and contemporary clocks find their home almost anywhere. Look to height, width and depth to guide you in choosing the right size clock. And finally, with a wide array of materials and colors, be mindful of choosing a clock that will successfully complement the room - or - choose a design that will be sure to make a statement. If you have any questions about the modern wall clocks and table clocks featured here, please call our decor experts at 877.445.4486.

Other Considerations

Take a room from contemporary to ultra-modern with a clock from Biegert & Funk. The QLOCKTWO from this German design firm is a customer-favorite and it is offered a multitude of variations including a wall clock, a desk clock and a watch. And further celebrate classic inventions with fun personal accessories like watches and jewelry. Styles range from the clean look of the 1950s to today's more colorful contemporary pieces. Finally, if you love that mid-century look of the 1950s represented by George Nelson clocks, be sure to check out the complete mid-century modern assortment of lighting, furniture and home furnishings -- you'll be surprised how quickly you can transform your space into a retro-filled room.

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