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      Why We Love Designer Lighting Brands

      Illuminate your home creatively with elegant, innovative fixtures from some of the top lighting companies to amp up your style. Lighting manufacturers from across the world design lighting solutions to cast just the right glow in just the right style for every taste. Whether you want to light up an entire room or simply put focus on a particular treasure, the options are seemingly endless. Today's modern lighting brands provide much more than just lighting. From ceiling to floor, they can supply everything you need to personalize your home's look.

      Modern Lighting Brands From All Over the Globe

      Modern lighting companies understand the importance of having the proper amount of light in each room of the house. That is one reason why lighting manufacturers offer so much variety in type, size, and style. Chandeliers shine across an entire living room or dining room and are often an eye-catching work of art even when turned off. Pendant lighting is available from modern lighting brands to add brilliance to specific areas, such as a cozy nook or kitchen work station. Even in outdoor porch and patio areas, a combination of ceiling fans and pendant lighting can bring a touch of class to a casual entertaining space.

      Top Tier Lighting Brands You Won't Find Anywhere Else

      With such a wide array of lighting companies from which to choose, you are sure to find the one that best reflects your unique expression of style. From its beginnings in northern Italy in 1962, FLOS Lighting has been designing lighting solutions with an artistic zeal, and they create chandeliers, pendant lighting, and ceiling fans, among many other items, for indoor and outdoor use. Another top brand of lighting manufacturers is Artemide, whose Italian designs bring light and architectural value to any room. SONNEMAN Lighting is one of the modern lighting brands known for its wide selection of lighting options, including industrial pendants. An American company, Herman Miller, provides a full selection of lighting solutions, furniture, and accessories for your home and office. Finally, Knoll designs innovative lighting and furniture with a funky modern vibe.

      How to Choose the Right Brand for Your Project

      Choosing from the plethora of lighting companies can be a daunting task. One way to narrow down the list of lighting manufacturers is to know why you need lighting and how different lighting solutions work. For instance, consider the size of your room. Chandeliers are intended to be suspended from the ceiling near the center of a room to cast a wide glow and are a good start, especially for large rooms, but often pendant lighting is useful when you need focused light for work, reading, or games.

      Don't Forget the Furniture!

      There should be an elegant flow to the design of your home and coordinating furniture is essential to the overall effect. Many lighting manufacturers today offer a full catalog of furniture for the living room, dining room, bedroom, and beyond that echo the lighting designs you have chosen. Modern lighting brands also market decorative accessories for your home that extend your unique theme even further. A little advance planning will help you achieve the perfect atmosphere to showcase your home's beauty.