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How to Decorate Like a Pro

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Homeowner: Ali Hynek | Photo: Becky Kimball

Seasonal Decorating Guide:
Fall and Winter Trends

Updating your home for the holiday season doesn't have to be a daunting task with a
kitschy result. We've found some simple ways to add a modern seasonal update to your home.

The cooler months are upon us (hello, crisp fall breeze and snow-dusted streets!), which means plenty of time spent indoors, and a fun new season to decorate for. To get your home ready for the holiday season, you'll need plenty of festive flourishes, shimmering accents and cozy layers. But don't worry—there's no need to have a total design overhaul. Here are some simple modern ways to create an on-trend, seasonal look.

In-Season Accents

Design + Photo: Creek Woodhill

Fresh greenery brings a lively pop of color to your home during the cooler months, offsetting the doldrums of dreary weather. Bare garlands and wreaths can be dressed up with string lights, pinecones and holly berries during the holidays, and easily re-accessorized with warm-weather trimmings come spring. Potted plants and cut flowers add cheer any time of year, so try to use what's in season to stay on theme as the days go by. Tablescapes are easy to enhance with a modern vessel filled with fresh blooms, architectural leaves or attractive bare branches. For year-round display, consider naturally shaped tableware that never wilts.

Take Advantage of Surface Space

Take advantage of surface space on your , mantle, coffee, and by creating small, wintry vignettes that coordinate with your existing decor. A wooden or powder-coated metal tray makes for a chic base that can be repurposed later; top with candles, metallic jars or anything else that adds a festive feel. touches that incorporate natural outdoor materials like birch wood or pinecones are an easy, versatile way to channel the change of weather.


When hosting a festive dinner party or cocktail hour, you'll want to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests that's seasonal, chic and accommodating. A is great for transporting bottles and shakers and can also moonlight as a space to display decorative fall and winter accents. Consider a cart or bar cabinet made from hardwood, as it lends warmth and can be dressed down when the seasons change.

Layer On the Textiles + Textures

Textiles are another simple way to spruce up your surroundings for cooler weather. Get ready for guests by swapping out your dining chairs for some with a more sumptuous seat and thicker fabric—think velvet or leather—in a deeper palette like peacock, dark reds or forest greens. Or take a simpler approach and layer the sofa with plush throw blankets and chunky, cable-knit pillows for added coziness. If your pillows have inserts, all you need is a new cover to get a whole new look. with a more substantial pile also make for a great impact, adding warmth and texture underfoot. And don't be afraid to go bold with a vibrant red, green or icy blue runner or . These traditional holiday color selections complement neutral colors while speaking to a more seasonal style.

Added Ambiance

Direct overhead lighting can wash out your decor during the darker months. Opt for low-light sconces and instead, or a sparkling new pendant in your entryway to welcome guests. Fixtures with sweeping metal bodies, hand-cut crystals or candelabra-style stems not only reflect stunning fractals of light but also call to mind the natural beauty of the icy weather outside. And don't forget the candles! Tapered tabletop candles make for a timeless addition, while flameless, battery-operated candles are also trending. Not only are they a safer option, but you can set them on a timer to light up on their own once the sun goes down.

Embracing the season in your home can be as simple or as complex a project as you want to attempt. With our tips in mind, setting the scene for a wintry modern wonderland of your own is well within your grasp just in time for the holidays.